Anger Management Therapy

Anger is a common human emotion. It can however, be very destructive and create many problems in our lives. Anger carries with it the potential for both explosive and implosive behavior. Neither of which are typically healthy or productive. Sometimes our anger builds up and we explode at those around us. When anger is chronic, explosive anger spirals out of control. It can have serious consequence on relationships, health and one’s state of mind. Sometimes, we turn our anger inward and we implode. According to Dr. John H. Sklare “In my opinion, anger is really unexpressed resentment.”

One’s anger can escalate to shouting, throwing things, getting physical and potentially hurting their loved ones if not treated.

Professional Counseling can help with Anger Management. Cognitive Behavior Therapy will pinpoint these disappointments, hurts and guilt. Get started today and get the peace of mind you are longing for.

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