Stress Therapy

Stress Therapy Work deadlines, family demands, relationship problems, traffic jams, missed appointments, forgotten birthdays, personality conflicts, college exams—all of these things and many more can be sources of stress. Furthermore, though most of us associate stress with unpleasant events, even wonderful events in our lives, like weddings, vacations, and holidays, can be genuinely stressful. The … Read More

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy We are not communicating anymore! Is he/she cheating on me? We have not been intimate in weeks? I can’t stand the sight of him/her? I’ve just fallen out of love! I can never forgive her/him? When relationships are going well, there’s nothing like it. When the relationship is going bad, it can be … Read More

Anxiety and Panic Attack Therapy

Anxiety and Panic Attack Therapy Dr. W.H. Auden states that “we live in the age of anxiety. Most of us suffer from a certain level of chronic anxiety because modern life is jagged, fast-paced, and divorced from the natural rhythms that tend to create a harmonious inner life. For some, this existential unease goes further … Read More

Anger Management Therapy

Anger Management Therapy Anger is a common human emotion. It can however, be very destructive and create many problems in our lives. Anger carries with it the potential for both explosive and implosive behavior. Neither of which are typically healthy or productive. Sometimes our anger builds up and we explode at those around us. When … Read More