Services offered online only in Texas, Arkansas, & Nevada.

Unique Approach

What makes Marvin unique as a counselor is his personal narrative. He has overcome his own addiction and destructive nature. At his lowest point of his life he found himself homeless and alone on the streets begging for money. Today he has been sober and happily married for 32 years. Through these experiences, he was inspired to get two Masters Degrees in counseling to help others. This balance of academia and real life exposure gives you a unique counseling experience.

Counseling Style

Marvin is skilled in many different therapy styles (Cognitive Behavior, Person Centered and Solution Focus Therapies). Marvin’s style is uplifting and motivates the counselee to aspire to overcome their crisis or relational differences. This practice strives to help individuals heal/reconcile at his or her own pace. Our holistic approach helps one to reach emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical wellness.

One of the unique facets of this practice is that the counselor and counselee work together to create a unique curative strategy over five to eight sessions. Each session is based on collective goals in which the counselee will be given small tasks to develop this redemptive process. The overall objective of these sessions is to walk away with specific goals and maintain a specific treatment focus throughout the weeks using the therapeutic tools.

If one is fully committed to the therapy will equip the counselee with the coping tools and life skills to help them in their crisis or relational context. The counselee is always welcome back if they experience regression. All sessions are held in complete confidence.

Head shot of Marvin K. Lucas
Marvin K. Lucas, LPC

Education & Teaching

Adj Professor of Counseling at University of Arkansas Little Rock
Masters of Arts in Counselor of Education
Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counseling
Bachelor of Science Min and Leadership

Certified & Licensed

Certified Facilitator for Family Dynamics
License Professional Counselor in the State of Arkansas, Nevada, & Texas

Author & Member

Author of “Baguette Moments” The Power of Entrustment and “Capes and Tiaras” The Power of Childlikeness”
Member of American Counselors of America