Solution Focus Therapy, which aims to help people experiencing difficulty find tools they can use immediately to manage symptoms and cope with challenges, is grounded in the belief that although individuals may already have the skills to create change in their lives, they often need help identifying and developing those skills. Similarly, SFT recognizes that people already know, on some level, what change is needed in their lives, and SFT practitioners work to help the people in their care clarify their goals. Practitioners of SFT encourage individuals to imagine the future they desire and then work to collaboratively develop a series of steps that will help them achieve those goals. In particular, therapists can help those in treatment identify a time in life when a current issue was either less detrimental or more manageable and evaluate what factors were different or what solutions may have been present in the past. This therapy works well with marital issues and relational problems.

Services: What makes MKLCounseling unique is that the counselors have real life relatability and excellent academic qualifications.