Couples Therapy

We are not communicating anymore! Is he/she cheating on me? We have not been intimate in weeks? I can’t stand the sight of him/her? I’ve just fallen out of love! I can never forgive her/him?

When relationships are going well, there’s nothing like it. When the relationship is going bad, it can be emotionally and mentally draining. A failing relationship can dramatically diminish one’s quality of life and could start affecting one’s health. After months of no change, it is so easy to throw in the towel. Women tend to see the signs first and tend to encourage counseling but if your partner is not ready, he will say no! One of the advantages of having a male counselor is that he does not feel outnumbered. Also, a male understands a male perspective. Before giving up seek a male’s perspective. If there are children involved all the statistics show that children in a broken family could have long term emotional fallout over the split ( Come in and have a session before you throw in the towel.

Here is a PDF copy of the Couples/Marriage Inventory Assessment that you can share with your partner

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