Capes and Tiaras Book Cover

Capes and Tiaras

“Adults whom we call geniuses are those who somehow retain and build upon that childlike capacity throughout their lives.” Dr. Peter Gray, Psychologist

Capes and Tiaras “The Power of Childlikeness” is a title that most would dismiss as childish or elementary! But surprisingly this book touches the heart of every human being (no matter what the age) and will make them reconsider their worldview. It examines this principle from a scientific, cognitive, emotional and spiritual perspective. For most, some of our happiest times when we were children and life seemed carefree, joyful and we lived life with little stress. This book will act like an anti-stress/aging serum and bring life back in a predictable and mundane life/relationship. Tapping into the “Power of Childlikeness” will help one process life’s hurts, have deeper friendships, revitalize a marriage and connect you with your family like never before. The author proves that one must keep hold of one’s childlikeness and purge out childishness to live a holistic healthy life. Enjoy!

Topics in the Book:

  • Over Coming Childhood Trauma
  • The Pursuit of Childlike Happiness
  • Having Childlikeness in Life/Relationship
  • Humility as a Child
  • Childlikeness in a Marriage
  • Being a Child of God

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Baguette Moments Book Cover

Baguette Moments “The Power of Entrustment”

Forward by Gordon Ferguson (Author): Marvin and his book are truly unique. The book is unique in several ways. One, it uses a term that we don’t often hear, entrustment, although it is a great word and various forms of it are found repeatedly in the Bible. Some form of “entrust” is found 39 times in the NIV Bible. The basic meaning of entrustment is to “confer a trust on” or “to commit to another with confidence.” The concept of entrusting another with what is precious to you paints a beautiful word picture. As Marvin develops his main premise, the idea of entrustment is really about pouring your life into the lives of others on an individual basis as you help train them to become more and more like Jesus. More specifically, it is all about leaders raising up other leaders in a church context, but it also applies similar principles to marriage and family relationships.

The way Marvin does this takes you down some new and unexpected avenues. He makes you see various passages in backgrounds that you have not thought of before. Since all such supplying of contexts comes from one’s imagination, they cannot be proved – but neither can they be disproved. Thus, it makes for a tantalizing and provocative read. I can promise you that you will not be bored!

Marvin is writing from a broad perspective of religious training and experiences. You will find yourself reading the critiques and asking the question, “Is he talking about me?” (or “about my church?”) The fact that he leaves you wondering at times helps you with the needed applications. You actually have to think and to evaluate yourself, your ministry, your marriage and your family. That is always quite a worthwhile endeavor. On the other hand, the many practical recommendations are explained primarily by his personal examples or the examples of others with whom he has worked. It is far more practical than theoretical for this reason.

The style of the book helps explains Marvin’s uniqueness as a person. He leads you down unpredictable paths as you read, which helps maintain your interest. Perhaps he is most unique in the nature of his example of living what he writes about. His example of not only trusting people, but entrusting them with all that is dear to him stands out clearly. The man practices what he preaches on this subject. Entrustment is a word that is pregnant with meaning, and you won’t have to read long to see that. It is an art form, not simply a spiritual exercise, and one that is crying out to be practiced far more than is currently the case. Simply put, it is the Master’s plan of changing lives and affecting eternity through fallible human beings. Marvin is dedicated heart and soul to this plan, and if reading his book doesn’t persuade you, the fault will be yours. He makes his case biblically, practically and personally. Hopefully you will “get it” without having to eat your own baguette, washed down by a can of Coke! (Since you don’t yet know what that means, turn to Marvin’s Introduction and start reading!)

Topics in the Books:

  • How to Trust Again?
  • Entrustment in Relationships
  • Entrustment in Life
  • Entrustment in Parenting
  • Spiritual Entrustment

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